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Who We Are

Owned and operated by U.S. Navy Chiefs, Carolina Anchors offers unique designs on top-quality products. If you are looking for cookie-cutter designs, you will not find them here. Established in the Carolina’s, we value wittiness, making everyone feel welcome, and lawd knows we love sea stories. You’ll always feel like family when wearing our designs and styles from our award-winning team. Our merchandise will reflect the pride and legacy you left on the Mess.

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Gina Danals


Gina joined the Navy in 2003 and after three years serving as an Ordnanceman (IYAOYAS), she cross-rated to Illustrator Draftsman, becoming the last official Naval Artist accepted into the rate. A Cocoa Beach native, raised in the Caribbean  (which, technically, makes her a pirate) she chose to stay in the Navy in order to travel the world sharing her art. She has been recognized across the fleet for her artistic skills, receiving countless awards in multiple competitions including being named the 2013 DOD Military Graphic Artist of the Year.


Ben Williams


In 1996 Ben turned down a full scholarship to Carnegie Mellon University for Industrial Design to the join the Navy. Even crazier than that he volunteered for Submarines and, after 24 years of service, he is finally getting back to his creative roots. Born in Colorado, raised in Texas, now rooted in the Carolinas, known as Slick Will in multiple realms of the world, but who cares about all that if you can call him Brother.

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