Welcome to the Mess Certificate


This hand-drawn certificate is printed on 12x18 parchment paper and is suitable for matting/framing. Each certificate is custom created to commemorate one's acceptance into the Chief’s Mess.


Certificate Verbiage


To all Sailors wherever ye may be: and to all Salts, Seafarers, swabs, landlubbers, Square-knot admirals, gun deckers, and all the other assorted scavengers of the seven seas: Greetings: Let it be known by all ye earthly mortals who may have been honored by this sailor’s presence That under the time-honored and qualified guidance of the august Chief Petty Officers 

Rank (Warfare) First Last Name

Having been duly tested by the genuine Chiefs on (Month, Date, Year), did cross the most hallowed line in Naval lore and has been found worthy of entrance into this most exclusive fraternity in the world, The Chiefs Mess!